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Vision and Values

At Padnell Infant School, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, welcoming and caring school, which serves the community of Cowplain and Waterlooville. 

Our core visions are:

Heart of the Community Develop curious ambitious minds Safe, Healthy Bodies
To be a friendly, welcoming and caring part of the community, including and supporting the whole family. Relationships are at the centre of everything we do. To create an environment which provides children with the skills, mindset and opportunities they need to achieve academically while developing their cultural capital. To develop confident, happy individuals, who know how to keep themselves healthy and safe in body and mind.


Through our shared vision everyone in our team ‘GROWS’ at every opportunity and children are taught our key values which underpin everything we do.  They are: 

Giving Citizens
Resilient Learners
Original Thinkers
Wise Workers


Everyone in our team ‘GROWS’ at every opportunity.

Padnell Infant School Shared Values

Giving Citizen

Develop children's appreciation of the important role they play in their community and the impact they have on others and the environment

Resilient Learner

Create a relevant and purposeful curriculum which excites and engages all. 

Provide children with the resources and encouragement they need to develop the self-belief and determination required to achieve their best.

Original Thinker

Celebrate individuality and creativity, while promoting independence. 

Provide children with an environment where they feel safe to take risks and understand that success is often built on failure.

Wise Worker

Develop children's understanding of the importance of embracing challenge so that they can become increasingly self-motivated, while helping them to understand what works best for them. 
Improve children's listening, concentrating and contribution skills so that they are actively involved.