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We are very grateful for the support of our Governors. 

Mandy Grayson

I joined the school in January 2015 and as part of my role as Headteacher I became a member of the Governing Body. Previously I have served on three other Governing bodies in my capacity as a senior leader in other schools across the county.

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years having completed both my degree and post graduate qualification later in life. My degree is in Creative Studies and English Literature both of which are still passions of mine.

Before teaching I ran my own business offering music and movement sessions to young children and their parents or carers. Setting this up reignited my passion to become a teacher and so I returned to night school to gain my qualifications.

I have two grown up children who have both now flown the nest. My daughter is in education working with vulnerable young children and my son in a performer on the stage in the West End. In addition, I have been a foster carer, caring for several boys in my time.

On deciding to become a Headteacher I looked for a school which had a diverse community working together for the good of the children and their families. I think that I have found this at Padnell. For me education is not only about academic success but also about 'GROWing' individuals and their families, building on an ethos which embraces citizenship, social skills, personal confidence and resilience. I hope that through my leadership and in partnership with the Governors we can achieve the very best of outcomes all round for the community of our school.

Lindsay Garland
Chair of Governors


I live in Cowplain with my awesome not so little son who is the third generation of Garland to attend Padnell. 

While my son was at Padnell, I was chair of PIPSA which was a hugely rewarding (and sometimes challenging) role . Now he’s moved on to Padnell Junior School, a governor role seemed like the next logical choice to continue supporting Padnell and give the children the very best start to education. 

Outside of work and mummy duties there isn’t a huge amount of time for hobbies but I also volunteer with the local Beaver colony and recently got to camp in a tent, in October in the middle of torrential thunderstorms which was as much fun as it sounds. 

Ruth Burn
Parent Governor -(Safe-guarding)
I have lived in Waterlooville since 2018 with my husband and children.  One of my children currently attends Padnel, and the other is at Padnell Junior School.  I look forward to supporting Padnell Infants and the Padnell community.
Gabi Collins
Parent Governor

I grew up in Waterlooville, before moving to Portsmouth for a few years. I have since moved back to Waterlooville, where I live with my family which consists of my husband, three children and the family dog Bonnie. There is never a quiet moment in our house whether it’s school clubs, birthday parties, puppies or family days out! I love to keep busy with lots of activities, work and hobbies to spark my interest.

In my professional life, I have worked in Change and Portfolio Management for the past 10 years, am currently working as a PMO Manager for a global utilities company. Prior to this, a variety of operational roles within the energy sector and a short stint with the NHS, all of which has been extremely rewarding.

I have a passion for travel and working with children and their families. I have spent lots of time working with children who are Special Educational Needs or supporting children in the Foster Care system. I love exploring new places and we take as many opportunities as we can to go away in our caravan and on family holidays.

I am really looking forward to being a part of the school community and supporting the governing body to achieve their mission and goals!

Pip Inche
Staff Governor


My name is Pip Inche  and I am currently the Early Years Lead and Science Lead here at Padnell. I moved to the area 15 years ago with my growing family initially working as a Nurse before re-training as a teacher nearly 8 years ago after I had spent some time working as a one to one  with children with special needs at my children's school. I chose to follow a SCITT programme which meant I was able to 'train on the job' which I loved. I have been fortunate enough to teach here at the school for the past 6 years and now find myself in a position to broaden my knowledge and contribution to the wider school.

I am now a mum of four children, with my youngest starting Senior school this year wihch doesn't seem possible. I have always played an active role in their schooling, particularly through their PTAs. This has now translated into the Parent Association of the Band that my daughter has followed her brother into this year. When I'm not involved with band activities, I enjoy yoga and long walks with my family and our two lively dogs.                     

Jacqueline Jones
Local Authority Governor

I am really pleased to be a governor at Padnell Infant School.  I have a long association with the Padnell community, first as a parent, my three children all went to the Padnell schools, and then as a member of the teaching staff. I left to become a headteacher of another infant school in 2007. I have since retired but I am delighted to renew my association with Padnell and it feels great to be back. I am looking forward to using my long educational experience to further support the school in any way that I can.

Kate Mew
Co-Opted Governor
My name is Kate Mew and I am a Co- Opted Governor. I have a long association with Padnell Infants which began when my children attended the school and continued when I became a teacher here for nearly 20 years until my retirement in 2019. I am grateful that as a Governor I am still involved with the school and I hope that I have the skills and experience to support the Headteacher and the school community to ensure the best outcomes for all of our pupils here at Padnell. 

I believe every child deserves the best from their school and are entitled to a safe, engaging environment which fosters a love of learning whilst enabling each child to reach their full potential and grow into happy, confident, caring citizens. 
Kate Morgan
Co-Opted Governor

I moved “down South” in 1998 to go to university, and I have lived here ever since. I have since trained as a teacher, got married, and had a daughter who has been through the Padnell Infant ranks! Whilst my daughter was at the Infant school, I found myself as chair of PIPSA, which was an interesting, and at times challenging position, but ultimately very rewarding. I am now honoured to be able to continue supporting the school as a governor. 

In my day to day role, I am a secondary science teacher at a local school, which whilst having its own challenges, is a hugely fulfilling career. Seeing the next generation grow and mature is one of the most wonderful parts of this role, and I feel privileged to hold this position. I hope that this background will help in my role as governor at Padnell Infant School.

Roger Osborne
Co-Opted Governor

My association with Padnell Infant School began in the 1980’s when my two children attended the School and I have maintained that association in a variety of forms for many years. Consequently I was pleased to become a Governor and then Chair of Governors before I stepped down earlier this year.  I am also a Governor of Padnell Junior as we all believe that the two schools working together is beneficial to the children.   

I began teaching, from which I am now retired, in 1970 as a teacher of Physical Education. In January 1975 I became Head of PE at Cowplain Community School where I worked for the next 38 years. Surprised they put up with me for so long! Throughout this time I had connections with the Padnell Schools which has continued since I moved to Oaklands Catholic School three years ago.   I am a sports fanatic with football being my main passion.  Despite my avid interest, I’m now only able to spectate and advise the players what they are doing wrong - they never seem to listen!  Being Portsmouth born and bred I still continue to be a Portsmouth Football Club season ticket holder. I have not yet had any therapy for this ailment so I manage to balance watching Portsmouth play with frequent visits to the Emirates football stadium.  

I should like to thank all pupils, parents and friends for their immeasurable support given to Padnell Infant School as it continues its development. 

Jenny Tyler
Co-Opted Governor


I have lived in Waterlooville since 2013 and am lucky enough to be Mummy to two small boys, the eldest of whom is a pupil at Padnell Infants.

I work as a hospital doctor and so have experience of governance throughout my career and am familiar with how it can help to bring about positive change. I enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of a job well done and am looking forwards to giving my all in my role as a governor.

Outside of work, I am a busy and active person and enjoy spending lots of time with my friends and close-knit extended family.

My hobbies include fitness (I regularly train for and run obstacle courses), reading and sewing.

Caroline Wyatt
Co-Opted Governor
I have lived in the Portsmouth area for over 20 years.  After completing my degree at the University of Portsmouth, I stayed in the area, having met my husband whilst studying. We now have 2 primary school aged children. As a family we love living by the coast and we enjoy living in a place where there is always something to ‘see’ or ‘do’. We enjoy walks, bike rides and generally spending time together outdoors.

In terms of my work experience, while I have not had any direct school experience, I have worked as a civil servant for over 16 years and I personally feel very committed to ‘helping make a change’ in my community. I work in community protection and rehabilitation and have had experience working in a therapeutic community. I feel very committed to helping create 'safer communities' and feel passionate about helping to support ‘positive change’ in my community.

With this being said, I am keen to learn more about the education system.  I hope to use my knowledge and experience to provide an outside perspective to help and support Padnell Infant School in their journey, and with their visions and aspirations, as they continue to help every child at Padnell to 'GROW'.  
Paula Young
Associate Member (Deputy Head)

I joined the school in September 2019 after taking on the role of Assistant Head teacher. The GROW ethos and the strong sense of community at Padnell Infant school are two of the many features that attracted me to the school. Since then I have been an associate member of the schools Governing Body.

I have been in the teaching profession for 15 years, during which time I have worked in Infant, Junior and Primary schools in several different local authorities included South London, Portsmouth and Hampshire. I have been a member of two senior leadership teams previous to this post and have lead several different subjects across the curriculum. I strongly believe in the importance of ensuring all children have access to a great education and the right to a childhood.

Before teaching, I was fortunate to take part in charity work abroad and completed several travelling trips. I enjoyed getting off the tourist track as much as possible, experiencing the different cultures and traditions associated with each place I visited.

I now have two young children, who take up most of my spare time when I am not teaching.

Emma Keegan - Clerk
I have been a local authority clerk since 2014 and am currently attached to Padnell Infant School. My role is to provide administrative support and advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters. I have completed the Clerks' Development Programme and gained my Clerks' Accreditation with Merit. I also attend the biannual Clerks' Support Meetings run by Hampshire Governor Services and participate in whole governing body training.


Padnell Infant School
Membership 2023/24

Name Governor Type Term from Term to Appointed by Roles Register of Interests
Mrs Ruth Burn Parent governor 25 Apr 2023 24 Apr 2027 Parents PE Premium
None declared
Ms Gabi Collins Parent governor 4 Oct 2023 3 Oct 2027 Parents Website &
Parent View
None declared
Mrs Mandy Grayson Headteacher 18 May 2015   Virtue of Office DSL
Safer Recruitment
Employed at the school
Husband employed at the school
Mrs Phillipa Inche Staff governor 1 Sept 2022 31 Aug 2026     Employed at the school
Mrs Jacqueline Jones Local Authority governor 26 Feb 2024 25 Feb 2028 Hampshire County Council Vice Chair
Pupil Premium
None declared
Mr Christopher
Local Authority governor 18 May 2023 4 Dec 2023 (resigned) Hampshire County Council   None declared
Ms Lindsay Garland Co-opted governor 14 Nov 2022 13 Nov 2026 GB

Curriculum Development
Financial Procedures

None declared
Mrs Katherine Mew Co-opted governor 27 Sept 2021 26 Sept 2025 GB

Early Years
Pupil Progress

Husband previously employed at the school
Ms Kate Morgan Co-opted governor 11 July 2023 10 July 2027 GB Pupil Progress Employed at Horndean Technology College
Mr Roger Osborne Co-opted governor 18 May 2023 17 May 2027 GB

Financial Procedures
Forum Rep
Safer Recruitment

Governor at Padnell Junior School
Mrs Melanie Tracey Co-opted governor 21 Sept 2020 11 Mar 2024 (resigned) GB   Mortgage Oasis Limited (formally known as Melanie Tracey Financial Services)
Mrs Jennifer Tyler Co-opted governor 7 Mar 2022 6 Mar 2026 GB Curriculum Development None declared
Ms Caroline Wyatt Co-opted governor 27 Sept 2021 5 Jul 2024 (resigned) GB Development & Training
Health & Safety
Safer Recruitment
Association with teacher at school
Vacancy Co-opted governor          
Vacancy Co-opted governor    


Mrs Paula Young Associate member 20 Sept 2028 20 Sept 2024 GB Assistant Headteacher
Deputy DSL
Safer Recruitment
Employed at the school
Mrs Emma Keegan Clerk     GB Clerk Employed by Hampshire County Council


Equalities Information Evidence and commentary
Current governor representation
(updated 9/7/24)

1 Male 10%
9 Female 90%
1 Female associate member 100%

100% White British

Attendance 2022/23

Y=Attended, N=Apologies Accepted, NA=Apologies not accepted, NS=No Apologies sent, ?=Attendance not marked, Blank=Not Required, CA=Consent for absences, -=Not applicable


Governor Type










Barnes (left 11/07/23)
Parent Governor Y Y Y Y N Y N Y NA
Ruth Burn Parent governor             Y Y Y
Lindsay Garland


  Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mandy Grayson Headteacher Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lindsay Hall (left 24/04/23) Parent governor Y Y Y Y N Y      
Phillipa Inche Staff governor Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Stephen Jones (end 17/05/23) Local Authority governor Y Y Y Y Y Y Y    
Emma Keegan Clerk Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Chris Longden-Thurgood (left 4/12/23) Local Authority governor               Y N
Helen Martin (left 10/7/23) Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y
Katherine Mew Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Roger Osborne Co-opted governor Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Melanie Tracey Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Jennifer Tyler Co-opted governor Y Y Y N N Y N Y Y
Caroline Wyatt Co-opted governor Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Mrs Paula Young Associate Member Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y